Milk and Carrots

Milk and Carrots is a comic anthology featuring the work of artists, writers, and cartoonists, all of whom live in this world and eat food. To buy Milk and Carrots #1 or #2 check out The Store.

For most of his adult life Josh Birdsall has designed buildings, but with his recent foray into creating comics he is happily getting back to his drawing roots. Josh lives in Minneapolis with his lovely wife, with whom he likes to brew beer and bake bread. Josh currently sports the kind of beard that make people involuntarily exclaim “now that is a beard!”

Rodney Ewing crosses many genres and artistic boundaries.  While debating demanding topics such as race, religion, or war, it is simple enough to become polarized, and see situations in either black or white, right or wrong. These tactics may satisfy individuals whose position depends on employing policies or implementing strategies that promote specific agendas for a specific constituency. But as an artist, Rodney Ewing believes it is more important to create a platform that moves us past alliances, and begins a dialogue that informs, questions, and in some cases even satires our divisive issues. Without this type of introspection, we are in danger of having apathy rule our senses. We can easily succumb to a national mob mentality, and ignore individual accounts and memories. With his work he is creating an intersection where body and place, memory and fact are merged to re-examine human interactions and cultural conditions to create a narrative that requires us to be present and profound.

Melissa Geppert is a freshly anointed PhD in Art History and teaches modern and contemporary art history at Southern Oregon University (so as a post script to the crippling self-doubt/deprication rendered in Josh’s drawing, things worked out pretty well).  While she really likes a lot of art from the ’70s, these days she researches contemporary community-based art in Brazil and tries to travel there whenever possible.  Since recently re-locating to the West, Melissa tries her best to get outside and explore her new mountain home, including adventures in hiking, camping, and Oregon coast surfing.

Grady Gordon believes in ghosts. 

Christopher Gray lives on a hill that overlooks the ocean.  He draws and sings and often looks at the ocean from the top of the hill.

Bussan 33 hates fish, moss and snow but resides in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, O Canada where she often feels misplaced.

Jen Oaks is an illustrator in Berkeley, California. She enjoys drawing hot girls, sloths, and strangers. Find more of her comics in “The Comic Book Guide to the Mission” and at

Matt Sheean is a slumlord (i.e. apartment manager) in the hometown of Bill and Ted during the day, and at night he fights the evil twins of solipsism and crippling doubt in his efforts to be an artist. He also has a wife and daughter so universally adorable that they count as evidence for the existence of the Platonic realm of ideas.

James The Stanton draws the continually expanding cartoon universe known as “Gnartoons”. He can be found online at along a veritable plethora of cartoons and comcs.

Malachi Ward  lives in Pasadena with his wife Keiko. He’s made some comics like Utu, The Scout, and Top Five, and he’s co-made the comic series Expansion with Matt Sheean. He’s also contributed to Mome, Nobrow, and Study Group. When he isn’t drawing Malachi likes to look out the window or watch Star Trek.  Find more work by Malachi at and